Energy Storage Charger

The eSwift-193 Energy Storage Charger delivers a power output of 204kW. This unit is capable of charging a single vehicle or concurrently charging two vehicles, balancing power distribution as needed.

The unit incorporates a 193 kWh storage battery set, addressing the demand for high-speed charging without extensive drain on grid connections. The design includes a battery pack that can accept a power infusion of 40 kW from the mains. A full charge from this unit takes around 45 minutes, enabling a driving range of 200 km. The battery pack contains four battery modules, maintained within optimal temperature by a liquid cooling system.

This approach to electric vehicle charging minimizes impact on the electrical grid and bypasses the need for considerable infrastructure changes. Installation costs are also relatively low, contributing to its cost effectiveness as a charging solution.


Utilizes existing 220V single-phase supply

Highly movable for easy relocation

Plug-and-go installation, no fuss

Above-average efficiency at 160kW per gun

Power allocation between charger modules

Adheres to Automotive ISO 26262 ASIL-B safety

Core components rated IP67 for enhanced durability

Stationary Chargers

Upgradable to 380V three-phase supply

Fixed, non-movable nature

Requires significant installation investment

Performance between 20-150 kW per gun

Static power output per module

Adheres to Industrial ISO 26262 QM safety

Carries IP54 rating; moderate environment protection