The Solar-Storage Integrated

Charging Solution

Embrace the synergy of sunlight and technology with our solar-storage integrated charging solution. This comprehensive system-level offering is designed to pair seamlessly with a standalone DC charger or an energy storage charger, presenting a unified service for your sustainable energy requirements, often referred to as a "smart" or "grid-connected" EV charger system. Implement the utilization of our solar carports combined with our smart charging solutions, converting the abundant power of the sun into an efficient energy resource for your electric vehicle infrastructure. With our innovative solution, experience the next level of green, energy-saving, uninterrupted power supply for anenvironmentally-conscious and economical approach to energy consumption.

Compatibility with Energy Management System (EMS)

Seamless Integration with EMS
Our system features an advanced interface for seamless connection with existing Energy Management Systems (EMS), optimizing performance and resource utilization.
•Customizable Adaptation for Efficiency
The interface allows for customizable adaptation to diverse EMS configurations, promoting efficient energy management tailored to specific needs.
•Streamlined Operations and Sustainability
By interfacing with EMS, our system streamlines operations, enhances sustainability, and maximizes potential for reliable and cost-effectiveelectric vehicle charging solutions.